Manual d'usuari Vinothèque 1500 Refrigerator

Manual d'usuari pel dispositiu Vinothèque 1500 Refrigerator

Manual d'usuari Vinothèque 1500 Refrigerator

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Copyright © 2010, Vinothèque Wine Cellars. All rights reserved.This manual, the product design and the design concepts are copyrighted by Vinothèque Wine Cellars, withall rights reserved. Your rights with regard to the hardware and manual are subject to the restrictions andlimitations imposed by the copyright laws of the United States of America. Under copyright laws, this manualmay not be copied, reproduced, translated, transmitted or reduced to any printed or electronic medium or toany mach

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TABLE OF CONTENTSNote to 1Cabinet 2System Operation (WhisperKOOL 2500 & 1500) 7System Operation (Advanced QT & WhisperKO

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NOTE TO CUSTOMERThank you for purchasing a Vinothèque wine cabinet. Our main goals are customer satisfaction and providing the best wine storage solutions on the market. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free tocontact us at 1.800.343.9463 or is mandatory that you do not plug in or start your newVinothèque cabinet for 24 hours after its delivery.Units are sometimes placed on their side during shipping, which might cause compressor oil to escape thereserv

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CABINET INSTALLATIONCabinet installation is a very simple process, spending a small amount of time fine tuning the cabinet willensure cabinet aesthetics and longevity.These are the simple steps for installation (further explained on the indicated pages):1. Inspect the cabinet (below)2. Unpack the cabinet and clean up the debris3. Place the cabinet in a suitable location in your home (below)4. Level the cabinet (pg. 4)5. On QT Series, remove the protective panel from the rear of the cabinet (do n

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PLACING THE CABINET (CONT.)VentilationThe cabinet must have adequate ventilation to allow the exhaust side of the cooling unit to operate correctly. As the unit cools on the inside, condensing refrigerant creates heat, which will need to dissipate away from the unit on the outside.Some units have an exhaust fan mounted on top of the cabinet, which forces airaway from the unit vertically. In order to avoid disrupting the ventilation, do notplace anything on top of the cabinet.If your cabinet is n

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LEVELING THE CABINETThe cabinets have leveling legs that can be adjusted up ordown with a wrench (provided with unit) as needed. Thereare two primary reasons for leveling the cabinet:— To assure that the unit stands solidly on the floorwithout rocking back and forth— To adjust the doors and make sure they are flush withone another, providing a tight sealThese leveling legs are pre-adjusted at our factory, butthey may need to be tweaked to fit your specific installlocation. To level the unit,

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DOOR ALIGNMENTTo assure the best performance from your Vinothèque wine cabinet, the doors must seal properly in order toprevent cool air from escaping. Check the alignment of the doors before filling it with bottles of wine.The doors are aligned at the factory and no additional special door alignment is needed for Credenzas.If adjustments are necessary, compensate for this problem by adjusting the two front and/or outside legs. Thehigh side of the cabinet should be adjusted down while the low s

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LIQUID MEASURING THERMOMETERAll cabinets come with our Precision Digital Technology liquid temperature measuring thermostat system.With this technology, a bottle probe relays information back to the thermostat, giving you a reading of thewine, not of the air around it. Aside from the probe, the system offers other advantages:— A built-in defrost cycle: The unit is designed to shut off for five minutes every 90 minutes in order toprevent frost. This allows the cooling unit to cool effectively i

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SYSTEM OPERATION (WHISPERKOOL 2500 & 1500)This section applies to cabinets equipped with the WhisperKOOL 1500 cooling system. If your cabinet isequipped with a PDT or PDT Jr. thermostat, please refer to the next sections.Initial start-upWhen the unit is first turned on, the control will briefly display all symbols, and the green snowflake symbolwill show up if the unit is calling for cooling. There may be a brief delay prior to the evaporator fan turning on,as it will not start until the probe t

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WHISPERKOOL SERIES ADVANCED CONTROLLERDefrostCompressorEvaporator FanCellar Pre-Chill Button 3-5High Bottle TempHistory & Scroll Button 1Energy ReductionButton 1Low Bottle Temp History& Scroll Button 1Energy ReductionSet Button- View set point 1- Change set point 3-5- SET + Down = CPSM 5-7- Reset Hi & Lo Button 3-5“ON/OFF” button 1Condenser FanAlarmPre-Chill DisplayNote: The 1 or the 3-5 stands for the amount of time (in seconds) that the button must be held.ButtonON/OFFFunctions• The ON/O

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WHISPERKOOL SERIES ADVANCED CONTROLLER (CONT.)Cellar Pre-Chill 2. The CPC feature can be adjusted to the customer’s specific needs by accessing the control(cont.)panel menu.SetNote: This feature is not available on the remote keypad application.1. Press the “Set” button once and it will display the set point. After about 5 seconds, thedisplay will return to normal operation and display the bottle probe temperature.2. Press and hold the “Set” button for 3 to 5 seconds until the set poin

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WHISPERKOOL SERIES ADVANCED CONTROLLER (CONT.)CustomerPreferenceSelectionMenu(cont.)CON/COF — Compressor on time (CON) and off time (COF) with a Probe 1 failure alarm:These parameters are set at CON 40 minutes and COF 10 minutes. In the event that thereis a Probe 1 failure alarm, the compressor /refrigeration system automatically starts apredetermined ON/OFF cycle, which is controlled by the CON and the COF parameters.The customer can adjust these parameters to maintain the desired bottle prob

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SYSTEM OPERATION (ADVANCED QT & WHISPERKOOL 1200)Condensate evaporator switchThe QT’s condensate evaporator is a heating element that evaporates excess condensate that accumulates inthe cooling system as a byproduct of refrigeration.Vinothèque units are equipped with sophisticated heating elements that automatically sense the presence ofwater and work until the water is gone.— “On”: Turning the condensate evaporator on causes the heating element to operate whenever water ispresent in th

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PDT JR. OPERATING INSTRUCTIONSOperating instructions for the Vinothèque PDT Jr. Thermostat for the QT Series cabinets:IndicatorsThere are three colored lights on the left side of the thermostat:— PWR (Green): The unit is powered.— RUN (Yellow): The compressor is running. If the light is flashing, the unit is in the five-minute lockout.— SET (Red): This light flashes when the set point temperature is changed by pressing one of the threecontrol buttons. It flashes once for each press of the

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PDT OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS1WINE Temperature IndicatorWine Temperature ReadingWINEONSET23LED ScreenPDT55FPrecision Digital Technology ThermostatTemperatureSET457Temperature SETIndicator ButtonUnit ON Indicator Button6UP Arrow Button8DOWN Arrow ButtonSET Temperature ButtonThe unit is set at 55°F at the factory. To raise or lower the set temperature, press the set button and either theup or down arrow at the same time.1. Wine temperature indicator: A red LED bar will light up when the thermostat i

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TESTING THE REFRIGERATION UNITRemember, do not start or plug in your unit for 24 hours after delivery. Many units are placed on their sidesduring shipping, which may allow compressor oil to escape their reservoirs. Premature starting before the oilhas had a chance to resettle can cause damage to the compressor and result in a lack of cooling.Before you fill the cabinet with wine, you’ll want to check the operation of the unit. All cabinets successfullypass quality control at the Vinothèque fa

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NORMAL OPERATION & MAINTENANCEThe cooling unit will cycle on and off as needed once the temperature has stabilized and the initial “cooldown” has been completed. The condensate evaporator and temperature equalizer switches may be turnedoff for normal operation.— Thermostat: Should be 55°F or desired wine temperature.— Condensate evaporator: Switch “On” or “Off” as ambient humidity requires. In areas of high humidity,leave the switch “On” to evaporate excess condensation. In

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TROUBLESHOOTINGProblemDoor gasket not sealingproperlyLikely CauseDoor gasket is twistedSolutionSee next pageLost its flexibilityThermostat delayWill not startRuns constantlyNot coolingTemperature variationIcing upClicking noise during start-upSee next pageAllow enough time for thermostatstartup delayTripping circuit breakerReset breaker, verify dedicated15-amp outlet and not on groundfault interrupterTemperature setting is wrongAdjust your set temperatureWine probe disconnectedAssure probe line

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TROUBLESHOOTING (CONT.)Door gasket not sealing correctlyIf the cabinet’s cooling system is running continually without reaching the desiredtemperature, the problem may lie with the door gaskets not sealing correctly.Examine the door gasket around the entire unit.You can also check this by turning on the cabinet’s interior light and turning off thelighting in the room. Determine if there is an area that is not sealing properly.If a problem exists, use the following guidelines to resolve the p