Manual d'usuari Soundstream Technologies 702 Car Amplifier

Manual d'usuari pel dispositiu Soundstream Technologies 702 Car Amplifier

Manual d'usuari Soundstream Technologies 702 Car Amplifier

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SOUNDSTRE/4lVI@TECHN0L0GIESRUBICON5027021002Power AmplifiersSOUNDSTREAM@TECHlV0L0GSOUNDSTREAM TECHNOLOGIES120 Blue Ravine Road . Folsom - California 95630 USAph 916.351.1288 . fax 916.351.0414rev 8 - 30 O/98IESOwner’s ManualandInstallation Guide

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Table of ContentsConaratulations!You now own the Soundstream RUBICON amplifier, the product of an uncompromising design and engineering philosophy. Your SoundstreamRUBICON amplifier will outperform any other amplifier in the world.Design Features .............................................................p4-5Rubicon Amplifier Diagram ............................................ ~6-7To Maximize the performance of your system, we recommend that you thoroughly acquaint yourself with its capabilit

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RUBITM(_Rapid-Be _Branched -Impulse) This new proprietary power supply topology eliminates “power sags” during low frequency reproductionby rapidly increasing the duty cycle, stabilizing the power supply andallowing it to deliver the power required when reproducing low frequencies. Also, greater reserve gate power is stored for low voltage conditions that occur during extreme conditions.STACTTM (STabilized Apex orrent _Topology) Reduces power supplystress by 50%. Typical designs degrade the

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KEY TO CALLOUTS81.Power LED - Indicates amplifier power, either in High Power or Auto High2.Clip Indicators - Indicates the signal output level is too high and the outputCurrent.stage of the amplifier is clipping., Hawkins Bass Control, H.P. Xover Switch - Selectable high passfilter frequency range. Select “SUB SONIC” to engage the Sub Sonic filterwith no boost. Use the knob indicated by callout #I2 to set the frequency:13-30Hz). S

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The RUBICON amplifiers incorporate an on-board staggered electronic crossover, with RCA outputs to drive an external amplifier. Noexternal electronic crossover is necessary. The high and low passportions of the crossover can be set independently of one another.To engage the High Pass filter, set the left crossover switch on thetop of the amplifier to “H.P. X-OVER”, and use the frequency adjustment knob marked “H.P. X-OVER”. To engage the Low Pass filter,set the left crossover switch to e

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su8 rlTml KVERSONICHAWKINSBASSCONTROLr HAWKINS 1FREQFREQBOOST110Hawkins Bass Control (parametric) is a uniquesubwoofer control circuit included with theSoundstream RUBICONSM, 702 and 1002 amplifiers. It is capable of removing subsonic energy in program material while boostingsubwoofer frequencies. The circuit consists oftwo controls. One adjusts the frequency of operation and the other adjusts the range of boost.With both controls adjusted fully counter-clockwise, no boost is applied and the amp

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[ INSTALLATION STEP 1The RUBICON502, 702 and 1002 amplifiers have the ability to operate in anyone of the following modes:Stereo @TACT/Mixed Mono); Use this mode for either stereo operation (leftand right channels) or for Mixed Mono operation (stereo left and right channelsplus bridged mono for a subwoofer).INSTALLATION STEP 2The RUBICON502, 702 and 1002 amplifiers have the ability to accept either astandard Unbalanced RCA signal input, or a Balanced “Pro Audio” style inputsignals with the u

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(INSTALLATION STEP 3 ]REMOTE TURN-ONWIRINGConnect the “Remote” line to the turn-on lead from the source unit. When +12Volts is received, the amplifier will turn on.POWER AND GROUNDSIGNAL CABLETo ensure maximum output from your RUBICON amplifier, use high quality, lowloss power and ground cables and connections. The RUBICON amplifiers willaccept up to 4 gauge power and ground cables. Determine from the chart belowthe minimum gauge power and ground wire for your application.IIIIup to 10’up t

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fINSTALLATION STEP 5 )INSTALLATION STEP 4LEVEL SETTlNGAMPLIFIER LOCATIONThe RUBICON amplifiers employ highly efficient circuitry, a custom-engineeredheat sink, and a unique Chassisink construction to maintain lower operatingtemperatures. Additional cooling may be required if the amplifier is located in atightly confined area or when driving especially low impedance loads at extremelyhigh levels.When mounting the amplifier, it should be securely mounted to either a panel inthe vehicle or an amp b

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SERVICETRIDENT PROTECTlON CIRCUITRYYour Rubicon amplifier is protected against both overheating and short circuitsby means of main power fuses and the following circuits:+Auto High Current power supply+Sneaker Output Protection+Ground Fault Differential+Smart Power Supply Thermal Rollback & a Thermal Protection Circuitr NOTE: If you experience blown main power supply fuses, it is like@Your Soundstream RUBICON amplifier is protected by a limited warranty.Please read the enclosed warranty card for