Manual d'usuari Jensen 1150 Car Amplifier

Manual d'usuari pel dispositiu Jensen 1150 Car Amplifier

Manual d'usuari Jensen 1150 Car Amplifier

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PowerPlus Amplifiers420, 840, 900, 1150, 1302, 1304Installation & Operation ManualContentsIntroduction . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2Features and Specifications . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3Installation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4Wiring . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5Speaker Wiring . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7Indicators and Controls . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1

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PowerPlus AmplifiersIntroductionThe Jensen PowerPlus series of amplifiers were designed to meet or exceedthe CEA-2006 test standards. These new standards give all participatingmanufacturers (and many don't participate) a baseline when comparingamplifiers of similar power output. The CEA Power rating protects you, thecustomer. “Power is power – it doesn't matter who makes it,” is not always true.What does matter is whether the power can be produced in the first place. TheRMS rating is the t

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PowerPlus AmplifiersFeatures and Specifications•••••Your new PowerPlus Jensen mobile stereo power amplifier is the amplifier ofchoice for the high demands of auto sound reproduction. With its deep-bassreproduction and plenty of reserve power, low harmonic distortion and neutralreproduction, the PowerPlus series of amplifiers takes Mobile Hi-Fi to newheights. Like all Jensen products, when it comes to accurate soundreproduction the PowerPlus series takes a back seat to no one. Jensen wi

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PowerPlus AmplifiersInstallationgoing to the vehicle chassis) and make sure the battery is grounded to thechassis with at least a #8 gauge wire. Also check the alternator connections,making sure they are tight and free from corrosion, rust or dirt.Before you begin the installation of your PowerPlus series amp remember,there are two ways to do things – right and twice! Use the proper installationtechniques, tools and accessories to ensure that your Jensen PowerPlusseries amp will put out all th

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PowerPlus AmplifiersPower WiringCharging SystemPower Terminal (+12V/B+)In some cases, the installation of just one (1) amplifier could be enough tooverload your factory electrical system (i.e., alternator). Depending on thestate of your electrical system and overall condition of your vehicle, you mayneed to upgrade your alternator and battery. After the vehicle is started, thealternator provides the power to your electrical system, not the battery. Whenthe engine is running, the alternator is yo

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PowerPlus AmplifiersGround Terminal (GND)Make the ground lead as short as possible, leaving enough length to completethe installation and to allow for any service that may be needed at a later date.To ensure a good ground, scrape away any paint or undercoating to exposebare metal. Use a "ring" terminal of the proper gauge and an "outside starwasher" (between the chassis and ring terminal) when making your groundconnection. Although you’ve scraped away the paint to expose bare metal, theoutside

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PowerPlus AmplifiersSpeaker WiringPowerPlus 420/1302Two SpeakersThe Speaker Wiring diagrams illustrate options for connecting one or twospeakers. Observe the proper speaker polarity.One SubwooferNOTE: PowerPlus amplifiers can drive speakers with a nominalimpedance range of 2~ 4-ohms. For maximum power, configure yourspeakers for a nominal 2-ohm load.NOTE: Do not overlook the use of the proper gauge speaker wire. ThePowerPlus series of amplifiers require a minimum of 12-gauge wire.PowerPlus 900/1

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PowerPlus AmplifiersPowerPlus 840/1304Two Speakers and Bridged SubwooferFour SpeakersHPF LPF OFFHPF LPF OFFHPF LPF OFFHPF LPF OFFSPEAKER OUTPUTSPEAKER OUTPUT++CH1– +CH2BRIDGED– +–+CH3– +CH4+CH1+BRIDGED– +CH2– +CH3– +CH4–––+BRIDGED –BRIDGED –4 ohm nominal2 ohm minimum4 ohm nominal2 ohm minimum4 ohm nominal4 ohm nominal2 ohm minimumTwo SubwoofersHPF LPF OFFHPF LPF OFFSPEAKER OUTPUT+CH1+BRIDGED– +CH24 ohm nominal8– +–+CH3– +CH4–BRIDGED –4 ohm nominal

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PowerPlus AmplifiersInput WiringPowerPlus 840/1304Most trunk/hatchback installations will require a 15-20 foot RCA cable, whilepickup trucks and under-seat mounting will require a 6-12 foot RCA cable.Connect an RCA cable from your receiver to the RCA input on your amplifier.The PowerPlus 1304 and 840 can be configured for three different inputmodes: 2 channel, 3 channel or 4 channel.PowerPlus 420/900/1150/1302Input Wiring - Stereo Mode2 ChannelMODERCA CableCAR STEREO /SOURCE UNIT4 3 2MODEInput W

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PowerPlus Amplifiers4 ChannelMODE4 3 2MODECH3CH14 3 2CH4HPF LPF OFFX-OVER40Hz 240Hz 40Hz 400HzLPF0dB12dB5VCH20.4VHPF BASS EQ GAIN5V3/4 INPUTOUTPUT1/2 INPUT0.4V 0dBGAIN12dB 40HzBASS EQ400Hz 40HzHPF240HzLPFHPF LPF OFFX-OVERNOTE: The use of good quality RCA cables is just as important as powerand speaker wire. Choose a high quality low capacitance cable for thebest results.Connecting Additional AmplifiersPass-Thru RCA connectors are provided to connect additional amplifierswithout the need to purch

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PowerPlus AmplifiersIndicators and ControlsPower Indicator (POWER)speakers (6 1/2", 6 X 9", etc.) by adjusting the crossover to a higher setting(80–100Hz).The power indicator provides a visual indication that the amplifier is turned on.Crossover (X-OVER)Input Level Control (LEVEL/GAIN)The Jensen PowerPlus series of amplifiers have built-in low-pass and highpass crossover filters for bi-amplifying the system. Adjust the crossover toaccommodate your chosen installation method. Select LPF (low pa

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PowerPlus AmplifiersTestingRemote Input Level ControlBefore finishing the installation, perform the following tests to make sure thewiring is correct and everything is operating properly.The PowerPlus 900, 1150 and 1302 come equipped with a Remote InputLevel Control. The Remote Input Level Control allows the input level to beadjusted from an alternate location. It can be mounted under-dash or in-dash.When the amplifier is used to drive subwoofers and the low pass crossover isactivated, the Remot

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PowerPlus AmplifiersTroubleshootingProblemAmplifier does notturn onPossible CauseNo power to +12VterminalNo power to REMterminalBlown main fuse atbatteryBlown fuse at amplifierFaulty groundVolume control toosensitiveDistorted soundInput level controladjusted too highInput level controladjusted too highBlows fuse(s) at amp Power wires connectedbackwardsInternal problem withampEngine noise /Ground loop(s)Alternator whineFaulty ground at ampFaulty ground at headunitInductive couplingThermal protect

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PowerPlus AmplifiersCEA Power OutputPowerPlus 1302Power Output: 175 watts RMS X 2 channels into 4-ohms @ < 1% THD+NSignal to Noise Ratio: 100dBA below reference (Reference: 1 watt, 4-ohms)Additional Power Output:280 watts RMS X 2 channels into 2-ohms @ < 1% THD+N570 watts RMS X 1 channels (Bridged Mono) into 4-ohms @ < 1% THD+NFrequency Response: 10Hz to 60 kHz, -3dB (Reference: 1 watt)Dimensions: L15.5" x 2.5" x 11.75"PowerPlus 1304Power Output: 117 watts RMS X 4 channels into 4-ohms @ < 1% THD