Manual d'usuari Graco 24K960 Stroller

Manual d'usuari pel dispositiu Graco 24K960 Stroller

Manual d'usuari Graco 24K960 Stroller

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OperationLineLazer IV 250SPSSelf-Propelled Line Striper3A2090AENFor the application of line striping materials.For professional use only.For outdoor use only.Not for use in hazardous locations or explosive atmospheres.Maximum Operating Speed: 10 mph (16 kph)Maximum Operating Pressure: 3300 psi (22.8 MPa, 228 bar)IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONSRead all warnings and instructions inthis manual and the engine manual.Save these instructions.ModelGunsDescription24F3072 GunsLLIV 250SPS (North America,Lat

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Table of ContentsWarnings . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3Component Identification (Sprayer) . . . . . . . . . . . 6Component Identification (Controls) . . . . . . . . . . . 7Grounding Procedure(For Flammable Materials Only) . . . . . . . . . . . . 8Pressure Relief Procedure . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8Setup/Startup . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9SwitchTip and Guard Assembly . . . . . . . . . . . . 11Gun Placement . . .

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WarningsWarningsThe following warnings are for the setup, use, grounding, maintenance, and repair of this equipment. The exclamationpoint symbol alerts you to a general warning and the hazard symbols refer to procedure-specific risks. When these symbols appear in the body of this manual or on warning labels, refer back to these Warnings. Product-specific hazard symbols and warnings not covered in this section may appear throughout the body of this manual where applicable.WARNINGTRAFFIC HAZARDBei

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WarningsWARNINGENTANGLEMENT HAZARDRotating parts can cause serious injury.• Keep clear of moving parts.• Do not operate equipment with protective guards or covers removed.• Do not wear loose clothing, jewelry or long hair while operating equipment.• Equipment can start without warning. Before checking, moving, or servicing equipment, follow the PressureRelief Procedure and disconnect all power sources.MOVING PARTS HAZARDMoving parts can pinch, cut or amputate fingers and other body parts

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WarningsWARNINGBATTERY SAFETYThe battery may leak, explode, cause burns, or cause an explosion if mishandled.• Only use the battery type specified for use with the equipment. See Technical Data.• Battery maintenance must only be performed or supervised by personnel knowledgeable of batteries andthe required precautions. Keep unauthorized personnel away from battery.• Do not dispose of battery in fire. The battery is capable of exploding.• Follow local ordinances and/or regulations for di

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Component Identification (Sprayer)Component Identification (Sprayer) Platform10Engine ON/OFF Switch2Paint Filter11Hydraulic Fill Cap / Dipstick3Prime / Drain Valve12Oil Filter4Displacement Pump13Paint Hopper (25 gallon / 75 liter)5Rear Gun Arm Mount14Handle Bar Height Adjustment Knob6Serial Label15Engine Recoil Handle7Gun Trigger Safety16Brake8Wheel Motor Bypass Valve17Steering Handle9Straight Line Adjuster163A2090A Operation

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Component Identification (Controls)Component Identification (Controls) Pump Valve2Gun Trigger Control3Forward / Reverse Lever4Display5Engine Throttle6Engine Choke7Gun 1 Selector8Gun 2 Selector9Engine Kill / Main Power Switch1012V Accessory Jack11Pressure Control3A2090A Operation7

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Grounding Procedure (For Flammable Materials Only)Grounding ProcedurePressure Relief Procedure(For Flammable Materials Only)This equipment must be grounded to reduce the riskof static sparking. Static sparking can cause fumesto ignite or explode. Grounding provides an escapewire for the electric current.This equipment stays pressurized until pressure ismanually relieved. To help prevent serious injury frompressurized fluid, such as skin injection, splashingfluid and moving parts, follow the Pres

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Setup/StartupSetup/Startup6. If removed, install strainer.This equipment stays pressurized until pressure ismanually relieved. To help prevent serious injury frompressurized fluid, such as skin injection, splashingfluid and moving parts, follow the Pressure ReliefProcedure when you stop spraying and beforecleaning, checking, or servicing the equipment.1. Perform Grounding Procedure (page 8) if usingflammable materials.ti3430a7. Turn prime valve down. Turn pressure control counterclockwise to low

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Setup/Startupf.10. Start engine:After engine starts, move choke to open.a. Move fuel valve to open.ti3312ab.ti18563aMove choke to closed.11. Set main power switch ON.ti18552a12. Set pump valve ON (pump is now active).ti18561ac.Set throttle to fast.ti6471ati18568a13. Set throttle to desired setting.d. Set engine switch ON.OFFONti18568ati3315ae. Pull starter cord.ti18562a103A2090A Operation

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Setup/Startup14. Increase pressure control enough to start pump.Allow fluid to circulate for 15 seconds.ti3442a19. Trigger gun again into flushing fluid pail until paintappears. Assemble tip and guard.15 SEC.15. Turn pressure down, turn prime valve horizontal.Disengage gun trigger safety.ti6472a20. Repeat steps 6 - 10 on second gun for 2-gun models.3304cti3441a16. Hold gun against grounded metal flushing pail. Trigger gun and increase fluid pressure slowly untilpump runs smoothly.SwitchTip and G

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Gun PlacementGun PlacementInstall Gun1. Insert gun into gun holder. Tighten clamp.3. Use the Gun Selector Switches to determine whichguns are active. Each gun selector switch has 3positions: continuous line, OFF, and programmedline pattern.Programmed line patternOFF position disengages gunContinuous lineti18969ati18570a2 Examples:Position Gun12. Position gun: up/down, forward/reverse, left/right.See Gun Positions Chart, page 17 for examples.2ti18574aGun 1Gun 2ti18551a1ti18575ati6549aGun 1Gun 2ti

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Gun PlacementGun Arm Mounts3. Slide gun arm assembly into desired gun armmounting slot.This unit is equipped with front and rear gun armmounts.ti18980a4. Tighten gun arm knob into gun arm mounting slot.ti18556ati18974aNOTICEti18555aMake sure all hoses, cables, and wires are properlyrouted through brackets and do NOT rub on tire.Contact with tire will result in damaged hoses, cables,and wires.Change Gun Position(Front and Back)1. Loosen gun arm knob and remove from gun armmounting slot.Change Gun

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Gun Placement3. Loosen gun mounting wing nut and remove gunmount.2. Install gun mount onto gun arm assembly andtighten gun mount wing nut.ti18978ati18979ati18984a3. Tighten gun arm knob into gun arm mounting slot.ti18985a4. Slide gun arm assembly out from gun arm mountingslot.ti18976ati18983a4. Install guns into gun mounts.Installation1. Slide gun arm assembly into gun arm mounting slot.ti18986aNOTE: Make sure all hoses, cables, and wires areproperly routed through brackets.ti18982a143A2090A Ope

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Gun PlacementGun Cable Adjustment3. Install cable end onto trigger plate pin and installclip.Adjusting the gun cable will increase or decrease thegap between the trigger plate and the gun trigger. Toadjust trigger gap, perform the steps below.+ti18987ati18998a1. Use wrench to loosen locking nut on cable adjuster.4. Route cable around unit and up through cable holesbehind hose mount.2. Loosen or tighten adjuster until desired result isachieved. NOTE: More thread exposed means lessgap between gun

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Gun PlacementChange Trigger PositionRemovalInstallation1. Remove both hand grips from handle bar (sprayingcompressed air into end of handle grip works wellfor this).1. Route trigger wire to other side of handle bar. Makesure wire is routed behind steering column, throughwire slot on steering plate, and into wire clamp onhandle bar.ti18993ati18988a2. Install trigger assembly onto desired handle bar.2. Use an allen wrench to loosen bolt on trigger mounting clamp.ti18991a3. Use allen wrench to tigh

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Gun PlacementGun Positions Chart142353A2090A Operation1One line2One line up to 24 in. (61 cm) wide.3Two lines4One gun curb5Two gun curbti18553a17

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Driving InstructionsDriving InstructionsTo turn right and left: Turn the handle bar right or left tosteer the LineStriper.Perform Startup, page 9.Use the handle bars of the LineStriper to control allmotion during operation. In addition to steering theLineStriper, the handle bars also control forward andreverse movement by pulling the forward/reverse controllever.ti17518aNOTE: Make sure wheel motor bypass valve is engaged(see page 19).To move forward: Disengage brake and slowly pullcontrol lever

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Driving InstructionsDrive Engagement3. If striper arcs to the left, turn adjuster screwcounter-clockwise.The wheel motor bypass valve allows the operator todisengage the wheel tension and push the unit around.Rotate one complete turn counter-clockwise todisengage.ti18591a4. Test-drive the striper. Repeat steps 2 and 3 untilstriper drives straight. Tighten two bolts on wheelalignment plate to lock the new wheel setting.+ti18576ati18592aStraight Line AdjustmentThe front wheel is set to cent

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Driving InstructionsPlatform Storage PositionFront Pad Adjustment1. Raise stand and pin self-locks.1. Loosen four bolts.2. Slide pad up or down to desired position.4 boltsti18560ati19006a2. To lower stand, pull pin and lower stand.3. Tighten four bolts.ti18566a203A2090A Operation